:::Praying the Psalms — Psalm 56:::

Hey God,
I read this Psalm
   and think of paranoia.
      “They’re out to get me.”
      “There’s an evil right/left wing conspiracy attacking me.”
      “I always have to watch my back.”
I would write off these fears
   as unhelpful
   I’ve seen colleagues whose ministries are characterized by those fears.
   They are afraid
      of saying the wrong thing,
      of alienating the wrong family,
      of rocking the boat,
      of being susceptable to attack.
   Their ministries are spent
      putting out fires,
      soothing hurt feelings,
      placating the powerful.
   The goal becomes
      20 years and out.
      “If I can only make it until retirement…” they say.
   The call becomes political
      not spiritual.
It’s easy to look down my glasses and think
   “I’m so glad I’m not like them,”
      but am I?
   Do I sometimes fall into the mode of accomodation
      instead of faithfulness?
   Do I make decisions based on political realities
      instead of kingdom ones?
That is why, O God
   verses three and four are so important.
      When I am afraid, I will trust in you.
      In God, who I trust and praise, I will not be afraid.
      After all, what can mere mortals do to me?

Help us all, O God
   to listen to your voice,
   to put aside our fears,
   to trust in you.
      In the name of the Risen Christ,
   so be it.

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