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Only Wonder Understands is the online journal of Jay Voorhees, pastor, writer, and community activist located in Nashville, TN. Jay currently is the pastor of the City Road Chapel United Methodist Church in Madison, TN, and is engaged in helping to connect others to the example and teaching of Jesus Christ, and to take seriously Christ’s call to love our neighbors in radical ways.

Jay is the co-founder of The MethoBlog, a site that aggregates the writings of Methodist-related bloggers throughout the world, and is the former managing editor of The United Methodist Reporter. Jay has been involved in the United Methodist Church at both the local and national level since 1988. Jay is also the owner of Only Wonder Media, a boutique book and media publisher.

The writings found here are solely the opinions of Jay Voorhees and do not reflect the positions of the City Road Chapel United Methodist Church, or any other church entity.

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