:::Praying the Psalms–Psalm 35:::

Dear God,
I read the words of the Psalmist and wonder what it must be like to be persecuted so much.
You see, while I know that there are people who don’t particularly like me,
   there are people who think I shouldn’t be a minister,
   there are people who would actively work to undermine my attempts to be faithful,
while all those things are true,
   I don’t really have enemies like the Psalmist experienced.
It’s hard, at times, to connect with the level of emotion expressed here.
And yet,
   don’t I get angry at the large corporations who see their workers as mere pawns in pursuit of profit;
   don’t I abhor the systems of oppression that harm others;
   don’t I get frustrated with political attitudes which ignore your call to take care of one another,
      which say that what is most important is our own personal gain?
When I think of these things,
   I too could say:
      “Go Get ’em God!”
      “Wipe them from the face of the earth!”
      “Give them their due!”
   here’s the problem.
   You see I too participate in those systems of oppression;
   I too sometimes put my needs and desires over the needs of others;
   I too should often be the one who you are out to get.
The Psalmist had a good reason for expressing his anger, his rage, at those who persecuted him.
We too should be able to express such pain.
But then,
   we can’t remember that we too aren’t perfect;
   that these others are your children in need of your grace;
   that we are called to love, not hate.
   my prayer today focuses on your Word in verse 9-10.
Brother Eugene put it this way:
      But let me run loose and free, celebrating GOD’s great work,
      Every bone in my body laughing, singing, “GOD, there’s no one like you.

For when that is a part of my life,
   then the love comes,
   and the anger goes.
Free my heart O God.

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