Celebrating Epiphany

For the past five years we have gathered every January with a group of friends for our annual “Epiphany Party.” Early on, the party was actually held during Epiphany, but more recently it tends to be put off until later in January. The group is made up of persons who are either in ministry, work for a denominational agency, or have developed into trusting friends with a sense of humor over the years. We get together, drink some wine, and eat soup. Then, following what always is a great dinner, we gather for an auction in the living room. The items auctioned off are donated by participants, and are generally Christmas presents that the participant doesn’t know what to do with or wants to get rid of. Since ministers so often get more than our fair share of religious stuff, we have developed a special affection for Christian junk, often spending way beyond the market value to obtain the item. All the proceeds are used to support a local charity, this year the money (around $500) was given to two local health care organizations.

You can see what I purchased this year. I think that this might be also used as the religious song generator. Just combine the words and you have the words of most praise songs today.

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