A Prayer for Nashville

God of all people,
male and female, old and young,
from all nations, races, and backgrounds,
we come to you as a city that is broken.
Trust has been eroded;
lives have been disrupted;
and we find ourselves wondering where we go from here.

We ask that today represents a new day,
a new season of transparency and openness
as we work together to address the challenges that face us.
We ask your blessing upon our new mayor,
and that he will be able to lead us in ways that rebuild trust.

We thank you that you are always about redemption,
taking that which was broken
and bringing forth something new.

May today represent a new day for the city of Nashville,
and may we be known as a place
in which ALL people are welcome,
in which the needs of ALL residents are considered,

Bring forth new life, O Lord.


One thought on “A Prayer for Nashville

  1. Thank you Jay,

    The right words and tone at a time that we all question where we are and where are we are headed.


    John Stern

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