A Prayer for a New Day

Photo by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Loving God,
as the birds chirp outside the window,
and the sun begins to peek through the shade,
I turn my eyes to you.

It’s time for a new day,
not simply the rising of the sun and the procession of the clock hands,
but the rising of the new light in our lives.
We are a people who get stuck in the night,
lost in the darkness, and worried when we can’t find our way.
But then, a sliver of light comes over the horizon,
and we are given a new vision, which leads us back to the right path.

We need a new day in our church,
for sure in the broader communion of which I am a part,
but specifically in the community that meets across the street from where I sit.
We are active and doing many great things,
but we need  you to shine the light on what comes from you,
and what is simply inertia
or a work of our own pride.

I need a new day in my life,
a day when I realize and remember
that my worth doesn’t come in my competence and length of the work day,
but rather in your love and grace.

Change me. Change us. Change the world.

It’s a new day.

May we live into it fully.


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