Ken Carter on our focus in ministry

Ken Carter is a friend, colleague, mentor, and I hope will soon be a bishop. He wrote a great blog post reminding us that much of what we need to move into the future is already at our disposal. This paragraph resonated with me:

Our gift to the individual seeker and to a jaded and degraded society is the fullness of Gods grace and holiness. Without the fullness of this way of salvation we degenerate into political interest groups obsessed with issues; without a posture of grace we do not have the resources to discuss with civility, to discern our positions with humility, to see our neighbor or our enemy with dignity, or to be patient in the long journey toward the beloved community. Without the fullness of grace, our actions, no matter how well intentioned, do not glorify God. Every local church would benefit from a serious engagement with the meaning of grace in our everyday, ordinary lives.

via bear witness to the love of God in this world.

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