Song of the Moment — We Are One

This song just spewed forth from some deep places in where God is speaking to me. Some day I will get around to recording it so you can know the tune, but here are the lyrics:

We Are One

We are one
gathered here together in your name.
We are one
Lifting up our hearts as we proclaim,
that you are holy precious Lord,
we join our hearts in one accord,
gathered together around your Word, O Lord.
We are your body, and we are one.

We are one
gathering to offer up our praise.
We are one
worshipping the Ancient of Days.
Your body’s gathered here today,
we’re seeking to know all your ways,
so send your Spirit into our hearts today,
we are your body, and we are one.

For the Spirit comes in unity, to make us all be one.
Yes we are joined together, like the Father, Spirit, & Son.

Written 10/9/2009
Words and Music by Jay Voorhees
Copyright (c) 2009 All Rights Reserved

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