A Blast from the Past — Methocast with Leo Laporte

A few years ago I had the bright idea of doing a regular podcast on United Methodist related stuff. I did around 20 or so until I ran out of steam, but my favorite was one featuring the head of the TWIT Network and former TechTV host Leo Laporte. Leo was kind enough to post the link on his site, and I ended up having over 75,000 downloads for this show. Since then the server I was using crashed and most of the MethoBlog shows are no longer available online. However, given Leo’s prominence these days I thought I would bring back that episode in an encore performance.

Hey Leo, since you are rolling in the bucks these days, don’t you think you need to start a regular show about religion? I know a Methodist preacher who might be interested.

The Methocast — Interview with Leo Laporte

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