Zombie Congregations

This comes from my friend Dan Dick, formerly of GBOD:

Zombies — by definition — are lifeless corpses that continue to function in an imitation of life, generally doing more damage than good.  They are frightening, and if George Romero is to be believed, they seek one thing — to feed upon the living.  Unfortunately, this is not an unfair metaphor for a number of mainline Protestant churches.  Check the list: lifeless, going through the motions, trying to get new people upon which to feed.  It is a pretty stark, but accurate description of a number of decaying churches.

I commend the entire article for your review.

Zombie Congregations from United Methodeviations

2 thoughts on “Zombie Congregations

  1. Wow, great description. Funny thing is that I just watched Sean of the Dead last night for the first time. Classic.

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