Statistics on Affordable Housing In Nashville

Folks often wonder about the availability of affordable housing in Nashville. Here are a few recent statistics from MDHA:

  • Nashville currently has over 5,300 units of public housing available for those in need.
  • The occupancy rate of those units is 98 to 99%, with some 3,000 persons on the waiting list to fill vacancies. Currently, out of that 5,300 units, there are only 35 vacancies waiting to be filled.
  • Nashville currently has over 5,800 housing units approved for Section 8 rental support.
  • There are currently 3,400 persons/families on the waiting list for Section 8 housing.

On the one hand, having some 11,000 units of housing for those in need sounds like a huge number. Yet it represents less than five percent of the total housing units in Nashville. As unemployment and foreclosures rise in the city, with over 6,000 families already waiting for housing, how will we be able to take up the slack?

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