Creative Help Wanted!

I am leaning toward preaching a series during October on the relationship between faith and politics, leading up to the election on November 4. I’ve been wrestling with a “hook” for the series and nothing is coming to mind. Any thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Creative Help Wanted!

  1. Yeah, I am trying to find 5-6 scriptures that we can use in the next 4 weeks as our Lectio discussion texts over the same subject.
    So, I am right there with you, but I am planning on working on it this Monday, I will try to remember to send you what I have.

  2. Giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s and giving to God what is God’s is a good place to start. I don’t know if that can yield a title, though.

    Nathan outing David on his adultery and murder is a good text, too.

  3. With respect, is this a serious question? Does anyone really wait this late to begin to pull together the material for a sermon series?

    A effective series of sermons on executive leadership could e developed by reference to some of the characters found in Judges along with Samuel, Saul and David. Also worthy of consideration is Jonathan as the heir apparent whose conduct was nothing less than sterling. Qualities and characteristics of those who God used in the life of Israel would have immediate application to executives in both the home, business world and the arena of politics. In the suggested books sufficient material would be found to develop any number of challenging messages or extended Bible studies to address not only issues relevant to the upcoming election cycle but the everyday concerns of everyday Believers.

  4. The best biblical resource for dealing with faith and politics is Walter Wink’s Engaging the Powers, which has a plethora of texts and many different angles on the issue of how faith relates to politics.

  5. Giving to Caesar is lectionary text for mid-October.

    When you say a hook, what do you mean?

    Are you looking for a central image or question around which to build the series?

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