Prayers for a Friend

I think I have written in the past about the group of pastors I meet with every Thursday to pray for the community of Antioch. This group recognizes that we have differences in theology and practice, but we lays those aside in the knowledge that we all are trying to walk in the way of Jesus, and that God has placed us in this place called Antioch.

Earlier today I received word that one of the members of that group, Al Henson, the Senior Pastor of the Lighthouse Church down the street from my church, has been detained in China as he attempted to fly home following some work he was doing with Christians in Thailand. Al has been in relationship with many folks throughout Asia and he travels there often to offer support and guidance. Apparently the Chinese government is questioning his travel status and has detained him in Shanghai. After five hours with immigration officials his passport was taken and he was given a two day visa which has allowed him to get some rest in a hotel, however he has no confirmed flight out of Shanghai and there is a great deal of uncertainty about what is happening.

I ask for your prayers for Al. He is a friend and colleague and a faithful follower in the way of Jesus.


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