To Twitter or Not to Twitter

 I confess that I originally wasn’t on the Twitter bandwagon. However, like so many things that get us in trouble, EVERYONE else seemed to be doing it, so I decided to give it a shot. And in point of fact, some folks seemed to be following what I was doing,

What seemed especially nice to me was the ability for Twitter to recognize the various places that I post information and provide a daily update that I could post on this blog highlighting articles from other locations. While this space used to be the general catch-all space for everything I am thinking about, I have moved to posting United Methodist specific stuff at The MethoBlog (as the editor and publisher it seemed to make sense) and my tech related stuff at The TechnoPastor.  I’ve been too busy to do much additional writing, so I haven’t been writing here. However, in looking at the past few weeks, I was startled to notice that this simply seemed to have become a place to see what I’ve been twittering, rather than a place of thought and conversation.

That came together for me a few minutes ago when a good friend and colleague sent me an e-mail:

…I’ve unsubscribed from your blog.  Lemme know when you quit this Twitter foolishness.

I would normally say that he is just a grump (well he is at some levels ). However, he makes a good point, one that I was already thinking about.

So, I have turned off the Daily Twitter Updates, and will begin looking at other ways to highlight writings from other places on this site. I also intend to find some time to get back to writing here, hoping that there are some folks along the way who want to read what I have to say.

2 thoughts on “To Twitter or Not to Twitter

  1. I have totally disliked the Twitter updates as blog posts from the very beginning (on my own blog, not yours). So I turned them off. I much prefer a small sidebar / widget deal that lets one check out my Twitter page if they so desire.

  2. Well, I have not heard anything from my blog.. probably because no one goes there, but I know since my parents will not sign up for Twitter and get text messaging they love the twitter updates! I have even had a few people comment to the twitter updates and had a little discussion from them. And in reality, if they would just sing up for Twitter, they would appreciate Twitter so much more.

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