Word 2007 Confusion

PC Magazine has a great tip for those struggling with graphics in MS-Word 2007:

It’s easy enough: Click the Insert ribbon, click the Shape button, and select New Drawing Canvas at the very bottom. Now place your pictures and shapes into the canvas. You’ll be able to move them freely within the canvas, group or ungroup them, and so on.

That probably makes no sense to non-Word users, so go and read the entire article.

As an aside, I had generally moved away from MS-Office toward Open Office but the UI redesign in Office was so good that I am firmly back in the MS-Office camp. Microsoft did a good job on this one, and if you haven’t upgraded you may want to try it out.

One thought on “Word 2007 Confusion

  1. I’m definitely an OpenOffice guy. I made our worship bulletin templates on OOo a few years ago and am very happy with how well the program works.

    I am fond of the new MS office upgrade. The ribbon interface is a useful piece of eye candy, and the church uses MS PowerPoint for worship so I create the presentations with PP rather than Impress. The biggest factor in choosing PowerPoint, though, is the Presenter screen – which will be implemented into OOo soon.

    I personally like OOo for churches because it is excellent, community-based, and free – which reflects good stewardship IMHO.

    Thanks for this tip.

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