The Search for Organizational Bliss

I confess that I am an organizational junkie. I have been looking for years for the right system to keep me on track, to help me overcome my tendency to procrastinate, and to fight against the undiagnosed ADHD that I am sure I have. I have tried all sorts of systems, day planners, task managers, etc. and while each of their strong points, none has ever fully represented a complete solution.

Today I downloaded a new desktop app that I am finding interesting, albeit limited in the free version that I am working with. It’s called FusionDesk, and represents a sophisticated task/project manager that utilizes the methodology of the Getting Things Done program. 

 FireShot capture #53 - 'FusionDesk - Lightweight project management for individuals and small teams_' - www_fusiondesk_com

I have only played with it a little bit, but it builds on the basic task managers one might find in a program like Outlook and offers much more categorization and organizational detail than those programs. The paid version isn’t cheap, almost $90, however it does include synchronization with smart phones and Outlook and my initial testing of Outlook sync is that it works well and is very fast.

What tools do you use in keeping yourself organized? Are you still using desktop apps or have you completely moved to the cloud?

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