The Two Earthquakes

I have rarely been accused of being a conservative, but I find that I sometimes resonate with the writings of David Brooks, the “conservative” columnist for the New York Times. His latest column reflecting on the outcome of the Iowa caucuses reflects some of my own thoughts, and I commend it to you this morning.

The Two Earthquakes – New York Times

One thought on “The Two Earthquakes

  1. I read Brooks’ column this morning and was similarly impressed. I agree with his sense of Obama’s growing momentum. I think the Iowa outcome is one indication that the American people are ready to turn the page on the Bush/Clinton political chapter of the last 20 years in favor of a fresh voice.

    His comments on Huckabee were interesting as well. I think he’s right-on with his positive assessment of Huckabee (particularly in the desire of both Republicans and evangelicals to pay more attention to those making under $50,000/year). What I don’t think he accentuates enough is the conservative distrust or dislike of Romney as a Mormon. Whether that will continue to be a liability for Mitt is something that remains to be seen. Whether the fault lines exposed will help McCain (as Brooks seems to think) is an open question as well.

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