To be honest as this world goes, is to be one man(SIC) picked out of ten thousand.

The word’s of Willie Shakespeare help me announce that I will see my ten thousandth visitor tonight or tomorrow. This isn’t a big milestone for the mega bloggers like Jen, Kiwi, or Cleave, but it seems pretty important to little old me.

One of the things that I recently learned is that Site Meter (the counting system that I use) doesn’t report hits, but visits. Hits can skyrocket quickly since they include any touch to any element on a page. Visits track actual visitors on a given day. Thus, Jen could visit three times (getting 3 page views) but still only be counted as one visitor.

Anyway, it’s pretty cool for me, so be watching to see if you are the 10,000th and I will send some sort of token of my appreciation. Let me know by commenting below.

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