McLaren on Larry King Live

KING: Brian, I guess you as well knew you would be on the list. What did you make of the story?

MCLAREN: Well, I heard about the list just a couple of days before I found out I was on it. I’m probably one of the people Dr. LaHaye has never heard of. So I felt quite surprised to be on the list. I felt quite different, really, than many of the other people on the list…

KING: Because?

MCLAREN: I’m not sure I fit it. Well, the thrust of the article focused on the role of evangelicals in politics. And I probably represent a lot of people who are not terribly comfortable with the direction that a lot of Christian discourse in relation to politics has been going in recent years.

Catch the entire transcript of the influential evangelical interviews here.

By the way, for those who watched, was Tim LaHaye an idiot or what?

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