My Youth Coming Back to Haunt Me

I was a mediocre student in high school mainly because I wasn’t motivated and I didn’t want to be any better. Back in those days, one could get out of high school with only two math classes. Since math was my least favorite subject, I took the bare minimum — a basic algebra class and a “business math” class which was very basic. Later on, in college, I took electronics classes and some additional algebra, but the reality is that I went through my educational experience and never took any geometry. This, of course, led to me having one of the lowest ACT scores in math in my high school (another funny story for another post).

Anyway, here is the deal. My fourth grader Grace keeps coming to me asing for help with her math homework. They are doing complicated geometry in 4th grade now, and I frankly don’t know what in the heck she’s talking about most days.

Does anyone want to offer remedial geometry lessons? Better yet, can I have Grace e-mail you with her homework questions!

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