In my desire for pastoral confidentiality, I refrained from using the real name of “The Homeless Guy,” forgetting of course that Kevin posts his name in the FAQ’s on his blog. So, from now on the pseudonym will go away and we can speak honestly of a person that we read and know.

Several folks have commented their shock on what seemed like a sudden decision for Kevin to head to San Diego. I was surprised, but not shocked. Yes, Kevin’s identity is too closely associated with being homeless, that is, it i a defining point of his life. But simply changing the name of the blog doesn’t remove the fact that Kevin struggles with demons that lead him into difficult places. Kevin isn’t struggling with alcohol or drugs like some, but the demons that lead to personal crisis still remain. He is a smart and good guy, but the potential for failure is always present.

If we are honest, we too may not be that far away from Kevins situation. The difference is that some of us have found coping mechanisms that allow us to make better decisions rather than fleeing into crisis. There have been times in my life where the stress built up to the point where I found myself in the car starting to run away to a different place, wanting to take on a new identity. Yet, somewhere along the way, various factors led me to come to my senses and turn around for home. That is what happened to Kevin, it just takes more to get though to Kevin that maybe fleeing isn’t the answer.

I haven’t heard from Kevin yet. It’s my hope that he will call me when he gets to town, but it may be a couple of days before he is able to get in touch. I will let you know if I hear anything.

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