Help A Homeless Guy

“Bob,” the guy I mentioned in my last post, is trying to get back to Nashville. While I think he may have made some bad decisions in heading out west (he grew up their), the reality is that he has a support community here in Nashville if we can get him home.

I am willing to work through my church accounts to send him a bus ticket, but our funds are low and it would be great if I could get some other donations from the blogging community (who reads his blog anyway). The cost is $180. If you can help out, click the button and make a donation via my PayPal account.

Consider this another blog telethon for a fellow blogger’s needs.


UPDATE – 4:45 pm CDT We’ve gotten a ticket for “Bob” and he will be heading back to Nashville tonight. The cost was $175, and we’ve had donations of around $20. We have the cost covered, but if you still want to donate, click the link above.

UPDATE – 9:15 pm CDT Hopefully, if all went well, our friend is on the bus headed for home. It’s a long trip, taking two days, so we won’t really know if he’s okay until he calls me when he hits Nashville. I want to thank all who have e-mailed their support and I will give a report when I hear something.

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