Ordinary Time, Part 1

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Murfreesboro, TN waiting for my turn in the shower. We’re here this week so that Kay and I can attend the gathering of the Tennessee Annual Conference of the UMC, the regional organization of our denomination to which our clergy membership belongs. Grace is with us, but in a few minutes, I’ll be taking her to another camp for the week.

The good part of Annual Conference is the fellowship. It’s good to see folks that haven’t been seen for a year, to hear what’s happening in their lives, and how God is working in their churches. Sitting through the meetings is a hassle, especially for folks with a short attention span like me.

Tomorrow, we’ll be holding a Potato Drop as a part of the conference. Last week, Del Ketchum, the coordinator of the event, called and asked if I would be willing to drive the forklift (they wanted a pastor for their publicity). So while my colleagues will be sitting inside listening to reports, I’m going to be serving the Lord and the poor outside. It helps the attention span challenge.

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