A Blatant Plug for Sally and Jay

Sally and Jay Rogers are former parishioners, and now good friends. I was lucky to be their pastor during the adoption of their son Ian, and presided at an “Entrustment Ceremony” between the Rogers and the birth mom. Their adoption was facilitated by Miriam’s Promise, the adoption and family planning ministry of the TN Annual Conference of the UMC.

I saw Sally and Jay tonight, and they handed me a brochure for an event in support of Miriam’s Promise. These folks are so cool, and I respect the organization so much, that I am going to forgo any sense of blogging propriety and post a blatant plug, knowing that most of you live out of state (for that matter, out of country).

Miriam’s Promise will be hosting their 88th Annual Golf Challenge (actually I don’t know how many they’ve held, but 88 sounds good) on Monday, September 7 at 11 a.m. at the Brentwood Country Club. I’m not much of a golfer (okay, the last time I played golf was 20 years ago and that was simply an excuse to drink beer!) but folks tell me that this is a great time and the money goes to a good cause. For more info, check out www.miriamspromise.org.

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