Random EC Notes #3

[Listening to: Real Emotions – Los Lonely Boys – Los Lonely Boys (4:04)]

Here are a few random thoughts that I want to remember from the EC workshops:

From Brennan Manning
(Quoting a black preacher friend of his) “Be who you is, because if you ain’t who you is then you is what you ain’t.”

(Found on the wall of a friend’s house) “Don’t should on yourself.”

From the Film Clip Featuring the Man Building and Painting the Concrete Mountain in the Desert
“I don’t have to beat folks over the head . . . I let my mountain do my talking.”

From Doug Pagitt on Spiritual Formation Beyond Education
The fableization of Old Testament stories with our children may do more to hurt folks spiritual formation than to help it (in that these stories perpetuate narrow and inaccurate interpretations of the scriptures without wrestling with the full implications of the text. Read Esther 9 for an example of this).

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