Do You KNow Who You Are?

We had a good service today at AUMC. My voice is still shot (I have the Joe Cocker thing going on) but I decided to go ahead and preach. I made sure to get a handheld mic. and hold it close to my mouth. I think folks could hear me.

Today’s service, as is true in many lectionary based churches, focused on baptism. We did something that I have done before in other churches. At the end of the service, I invited all forward to take a glass bead from a bowl of water as a token of their baptism. I encouraged them to carry the bead with them as a reminder of just who we are, baptized children of God.

The whole thing probably makes more sense with my sermon for today. I’m not necessarily high on my preaching, but I confess that I at least like the way this one reads. It is my theology of baptism, a theology that is not at all Calvinistic, but is based out of that creation centered hermeneutic that I carry around.

Here it is if you are interested: Knowing Who We Are…

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