The end of a season…

umr_logo3_stacked_facebookBack in May of 2013, I jumped into a partnership with a couple of good friends to take on the task of continuing hundreds of years of tradition through The United Methodist Reporter. At the time we hoped that we could develop a business model that would allow for the addition of some part-time staff, recognizing that our ability to create and publish stories on our own would be limited by the full-time jobs that actually pay our salaries. When I took on the job of Executive Editor of UMR I was in an appointment that was less demanding, and my personal life allowed for some time and energy to devote to UMR. It was a labor of love, and I believed that we could create something special as we discerned a new model for sharing United Methodist news and commentary.

Since that time many things have happened. I’ve moved to become the lead pastor of a congregation with a large physical plant in an urban setting. I’ve transitioned to being a single dad half a month. I took on caring for a father with progressive dementia, requiring a great deal of time and emotional energy. I tried to continue contributing to UMR, but honestly, it came in fits and starts as my schedule and energy for the task ebbed and flowed. I was proud of the effort we made to cover the 2016 General Conference in Portland, but upon my return, I was confronted with many demands that simply made continuing with UMR an impossibility. As such I realized that it was time to let go and move on from my work on The United Methodist Reporter to devote myself to the pressing needs around me.

As such, I have resigned from my work on The United Methodist Reporter and The MethoBlog, turning over control to my partner in crime, Charles Harrison. I continue to be a partner in CircuitWriter Media LLC for the time being, but a silent one with minimal input into the day-to-day operation of the company. I absolutely support the vision of providing a place for news and commentary about life in The United Methodist Church, but that is a vision that others will have to assume as I focus instead on my personal and professional life here in Nashville.

It was a good run. I had a lot of fun and have met a lot of wonderful people. There are parts of it I will miss and wish we could have developed a model to allow this to be a full-time vocation.

But one can only do so much. Seasons come and seasons go, and it’s time for this season to end in my life.

Bye bye UMR.

11 thoughts on “The end of a season…

  1. Jay, I appreciate the contacts we had during our time as CEO/Editor of UMR. During this buildup to what looks like the potential of a split in our beloved church, I’d ike to do some writing in the vein I did for eight years as writer for the “former” days of UMR. However, I cannot get a response from the current editor, nor can I even find his name on the masthead. Is the entire enterprise now in Wichita Falls? Could you point me in the direction of contracting them?

    Thanks and blessing on your in your own life these days. When I scraped up $500 to help you cover General Conference, I had no idea it would be the end of my longstanding relationship with UMR

    don haynes

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