A Prayer for Memorial Day

Prayed at the May 27, 2013 Old Hickory Memoial Day Observance

God of us all, Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer,
we gather this morning as a community,
friends, neighbors, citizens together of your world and our nation.

We gather to remember in a special way
those who have sacrificed their lives in war.
We lift up especially the men and women who have followed a call to serve
and who gave themselves in the pursuit of justice and freedom.
May we who benefit from their sacrifice never take it for granted,
and live in ways that honor their legacy.

We also pray this morning for the men and women,
boys and girls throughout the world
who have seen their hopes and dreams dashed due to war.
We long for the day when Shalom — your peace — will reign supreme,
when you will be the judge of the disputes of the nations,
when swords will be beat into plowshares,
and spears into pruning hooks,
and we shall learn war no more.

Until that day,
we pray for wisdom to fall upon our leaders,
and a special measure of your grace
to be with those who find themselves in the midst of battle.
Comfort all this day who mourn,
and may we never forget the sacrifice that is remembered on this day.

In the name of one who sacrificed his life for the entire world, AMEN.

Photo by Bihn The Nyguen

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