I am haunted by the waters….

A song in progress….

I am haunted by the waters
flowing from the start of time.
The streaming fountain of forgiveness
and the claim of love sublime.
So I step into the waters
and immerse myself in you,
and you send to me your Spirit
filling me with love and truth

Make your way down to the river
where the spirit of love’s revealed.
Holding hands as we go under
to the place where we are healed.
Let the Spirit come down to you
from the heavens like a dove;
make your way down to the river
and our redeemer’s holy love.

I made my way down to the waters,
and that sacred holy pond
where a grey haired baptist preacher
shared with me the grace of God.
In the Father, Son, and Spirit
into the waters I did fall
and when I rose out of the waters
I knew that I was claimed and called.

Repeat chorus


(c) Copyright 2013 Jay Voorhees All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “I am haunted by the waters….

  1. Tonight in class here at Drew we ruminated on Psalm 137 especially vs.8-9 which are in most cases not included in the musical renditions of this Psalm. As we discussed how Biblical Scholarship has in most cases has come from a White, Male, Euro-Centric, German-Centric paradigm we listened to Jamaican versions of the Psalm and listened to an extremely talented classmate sing her gospel inspired, soulful, sorrowful, beautiful, unscripted, unprepared, on the spot musical rendition of those last two verses and we looked around our wonderful classroom of diversity I prayed that someday in my lifetime, and I am not very young, that we will come to a place where we all can sing a song like yours, and that no where are there people who are captives under Imperialistic regimes, and that no where do humans wish that such vengeance be inflicted. SO Jay, thank you for your song of forgiveness, and Holy love, today on the day that we are marked with ashes and we begin this season of reflection, or now that it is no longer today but tomorrow and it is a day that we celebrate love, thank you for refocusing my spirit ! Amen Pastor!

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