A Prayer of Remembrance on 911

Lover of us all, whose perfect love casts out all fear, we gather today remembering how our lives changed ten years ago.

Only a day before, all seemed right with the world, and we were filled with anticipation and hope. And then, on the morning of September 11, planes became missiles and the twin towers which were a source of strength came tumbling down.

Lord, we confess that there were times in the midst of our grief when our fear got the best of us. Lord, we confess that there were times when our love of neighbor failed us.

And yet, O Lord, your love never fails.
Your justice never ends.
Your hope never disappears.

Loving God, forgive us for the moments when our desire for security outweighs your call of love. Forgive us when our emotions get the better of us, and when fear calls us to say and do things that are not of your Kingdom.

God, be with all today who grieve the loss of family and friends who were taken from this world on that day, and all who have sacrificed their lives in the war on terror since. Comfort them in their loss. Heal them in their despair. Fill them with hope for the day when justice shall roll down like waters, and righteousness shall pour forth like an everflowing stream.

And Lord, help us to be a people who truly believe
that your goodness is stronger than evil,
your love is stronger than hate,
that your light is stronger than darkness,
and that life in you is stronger than death.

We pray this in the name of the One who triumphed over death itself, praying the words he taught us…

The Lord’s Prayer


Portions of this prayer taken from Amos 5:24 and word from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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