Sunday’s Sermon — Xenia: The Practice of Hospitality

Wordle: Xenia: The Practice of Hospitality

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sermon — Xenia: The Practice of Hospitality

  1. the Rev. DeLong does not make a blanket statement about no need to change. She speaks contextually and specifically about the church’s attempt to change GLBT persons into hetero-sexual persons with its claim that being GLBT is in disagreement with scripture and thus sinful. you are basing your argument is something that no one has declared or made notion of. why do you try to turn her statement into something it is not? of course God calls us all to a life of transformation in growth and maturation. the Rev. DeLong notes nothing to the contrary. her words are only about there not being an actual need (as in opposition to UMC polity) of GLBT person to repent as in becoming hetero-sexual. God loves, accepts and affirms all persons, including GLBT persons. That is her point. A point which you seem to miss and/or dismiss within the guise of correcting one’s theology, that needs no much correction!

    1. this clearly was posted in the wrong place even though i made this post following an article re: the Rev. DeLong.

  2. Great words Pastor Jay. If I understood right you were the one who wrote this. I am a Lay Spaker in the Methodist Church in Iuka MS. Both my parents were loyal Methodist but First loyal Christians. Thank you for a wonderful written responce to this Evil trying to invade our Methodist Churches. You wrote it with such love and wisdom. I know the woman is very deceived and will be, until her eyes are opened by God but He will not force himself on her. I am more upset by those who agree with her. I just want to thank you
    beyond words for standing for the TRUTH!! Thank you !! Nita Goss

  3. I am sorry for the misunderstanding, this was meant for Pastor Gary in the statement:about the DeLong lady. I am so thankful to have people like you Pastor Gary in our United Methodist Church that STAND for the TRUTH. God Bless You !!!! Nita Goss

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