Prayers for Miko Crafton and family

This past Friday, in the early hours following the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, I tweeted an update regarding Miko Crafton’s family. Miko is married to Councilman Eric Crafton, and is a Japanese national whose family lives in Sendai, ground zero of the tragedy. On Friday, based on an e-mail I had received, I shared that Miko had heard from her mother and father, but that the fate of other family members was unknown. Today I learned that my earlier post was wrong, and that Miko has not heard from any of her family as of the writing of this post. Obviously she and Eric are very distraught and concerned about Miko’s family.

Please keep Miko and her family in your prayers. I met her mom and dad once when they were visiting the states and they are sweet and gentle people. While we of course know that there are thousands who find themselves in similar situations, Mike and Eric are people that Nashvillian’s know, so let’s come together as a community and keep them in your prayers.

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