Too Many Irons in the Fire

I haven’t been writing here as much as I should, mainly because I have too many outlets for sharing thoughts. I pretty much have moved all my political blogging to the Just Nashville site and I’ve been doing my devotional writing at Reflections of Common Prayer.  But it’s time to get back up to snuff here at my home, the place where I’ve shared my thoughts for almost 9 years.  There are some things I . . . no we . . . need to talk about, and so I hope to ramp back up here very soon. Be watching for some changes, and I’m going to do some consolidation and linking to reconnect those other places with this site.

Be also watching for thoughts and commentary about the Lenten Blog Tour, which is being sponsored by the good folks at the Common English Bible. I’ll be offering a post later in the season, and may have a giveaway for a random commenter.

The Upper Room’s Soulfeast  is coming this summer, and I will be leading a workshop again, so be watching as well for information on that great event.

Yep, I have too many irons in the fire, but it’s time to get back to “the wonder…”

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