The New IPad Life

Some who have been following a while may have known that I recently won a 16 gig, Wifi only, IPad from the good folks at the United Methodist Publishing House in relation to their new Common English Bible. After a week of waiting with baited breath I finally got the unit yesterday and started on my new IPad life. In fact, I’m writing this post on my IPad, who I’ll name Tommy Frank, in honor of Coke and Asbury (Cokesbury).

I struggled a bit over what type of case to get, but after a bit of research I ended up going with the ZAGGmate, which includes an attached bluetooth keyboard. It’s a little cramped, but I’m not good with the onscreen keyboard and I find that having the screen more upright as I type is handy.

This morning I left the house for a couple of meetings and left the notebook bag behind. This unit was great for taking notes, having a small footprint and no fan noise. While there are moment when I miss true multitasking, once I got my head around this device as a one thing at a time device, then I fell into a good understanding of what this is best suited for.

Thanks again for the CEB folks for the fun toy that is going to be a helpful tool as well.

2 thoughts on “The New IPad Life

  1. Please, please, please! Don’t let your new iPad interfere with your ministry! I’ve seen pastors use their iPads in place of prayer books (like at weddings) and found the Apple icon a huge distraction. Likewise, whereas in seminary we were coached how to hide our sermon notes, preachers with iPads tend to wave them around as if to say, “Look how hip I am!” Ptooey! Pretentious would be more like it! It’s a tool, not a prop. Please handle accordingly.

  2. How about if I swath it in leather or make it look like a bible? 😉

    It’s pretty difficult for a short, fat guy to look hip no matter how many IPads he’s waving around, but I will try to keep the pretention level to a minimum. But since you brought up the comment, be watching for my next post.

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