2/12/2011 — A Prayer of Thanks for the NAACP

NAACP at Bowling Green State Univ

Oh when the saints, go marching in,
Oh when the saints go marching in,
Oh how I want to be in that number,
When the saints go marching in.

Come now, and see the works of God,
how wonderful are God’s deeds toward all people.  

God, I don’t know why we don’t seem to understand your ways,
and why for so long we separated ourselves,
by gender,
by color,
by nationality,
by all sorts of characteristics,
internal and external,
which in the scheme of things are petty and of little count.
You have blessed us equally,
you have given us the same genetic heritage,
we have common origins which unite us,
and should make us one.
Instead, we take this rainbow of gifts,
and thwart the beauty of your creation,
by suggesting that some are better than others.

I wish, O God, that there had been no need of the NAACP.
I wish, O God, that we didn’t need that group, founded today so long ago, now.
I wish my ancestors, my forbears,
be they in the Netherlands of our origin,
the New York where they landed,
or the Virginia were they settled,
had recognized the foolishness of judging others by the color of their skin.
My people, seeking after their own comfort and security,
were willing to trample of the comfort and security of others,
and so groups like the NAACP came into being,
called to bring forth justice in a land where it had been ignored for too long.
I thank you for the witness of this organization,
how you have used them for your purposes,
and how they facilitated the work of those who would come later,
leading a movement of non-violent protest
driven by a dream that can and should not be forgotten.

In his might God rules forever; his eyes keep watch over the nations. 

Creator of us all, forgive me when I allow my view of the world
to be colored by my heritage and past,
rather than seeing with your eyes.
Lead me to be one on the journey,
toward the day when organizations like the NAACP are not longer needed.

Bless our God, you people;
make the voice of his praise to be heard.


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