Smart Phone Questions….

For being the technopastor, I have been rather low tech in regards to my cell phone. Even now I haven’t made the jump to a smartphone due primarily to cost. I carry an IPod touch with me at all times as my PDA, but in the post Christmas price war, it seems time to make the jump.

For the record, I am a long time ATT customer (starting back with BellSouth Mobility) and although I know ATT’s record there are various contractual reasons (we’re on a family plan) that make sticking with ATT necessary. And I have to say that in our area the AT&T coverage isn’t bad.

What started me down this path was the announcement that AT&T was dumping their stock of 8 gig IPhone 3GS phones for $50. That is definitely within my budget, and with care I think I can make the lower tier data plan work. Since I was already invested in the IPhone ecosystem, it seemed to make sense to do an IPhone, although my normal sensibilities lead me toward Android as the preferred OS. However ATT wasn’t selling Android devices for $50 with contract renewal so that wasn’t really an option.

That is, until I went into Walmart last night. Many don’t know that Wally World is now a cell phone vendor, and they were selling Samsung Captivates (the Galazy S series) for $48 with renewal. They were also selling the IPhone 3GS for the same price ($2 less than ATT). This created a dilemma — do I stick with the IPhone infrastructure, trusting Apple to not screw it up (and since the 3GS is now older technology, am I more likely to get burned with incompatibility issues) or do I go with the newer Captivate, making the jump to Android?

So dear readers, what do you use and what are your recommendations? I really don’t know what to do now, and need your guidance.

4 thoughts on “Smart Phone Questions….

  1. Jay, I went for the 3GS when iPhone 4 came out and they cut the price to $99. I’m on the $15/mth data plan and have never come close to going over the data limit (granted I’ve only been on it about 3 months and mostly access the internet at home over the wifi). I too have never had problems with AT&T’s network, so I’m happy with it as a phone. I’ve got some basic apps–banking and so forth–but I’m not really using all the phone’s capabilities. You’re more tech savvy than I am, so I’d say that’s the real question–can 3GS do all the things you want it to do, and is 8GB enough?

  2. So, you know where I landed, but I also didn’t have the options you have. I will say, that when iPhone lands at Verizon next month, I won’t be switching. Or at any time in the near future.

    As much as you enjoy and use your iPod, it certainly seems a sensible plan to go iPhone. Although, knowing also that you like to get in there and monkey around with things, Android seems better suited for that.

    I don’t seem to be helping any at all do I?

    One clear thing, music and media management is much better with the iPhone/iTunes set up. I think that you may be sorely dissatisfied with that on Android.

  3. Jessica and I are already on Verizon, and we just upgraded to the LG Ally (both of which we got for free), which runs Android and is pretty fast, although not quite as fast as the latest Droid models. Data plan is pretty reasonable, too.

  4. I’ve had an iPhone3GS since August – no problems at all with the phone or receptivity as I travel around the country. I do most work on the larger screen and keyboard at my desk – it all syncs smoothly and then phone is available to fill in details when I’m out of the office. I switched from Verizon and am very pleased.

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