Prayer for a Saint Known From Afar

I learned this afternoon that Harold Frelix Jr. was killed yesterday in a motorcycle accident on I-24. Harold is a the son of Harold Sr., pastor of the Priest Lake Community Baptist Church, and after a stint in the military, was becoming a leader in the Antioch community. Harold and I were at best acquaintances, working together on community events, but from my distant viewpoint I observed a man who loved kids and loved his community. I’ve been told that he had been elected as the president of the Cane Ridge High PTSO, and I had the chance to see him interact with kids at his church, demonstrating his commitment to the well being of all God’s children. His death is a loss to the community, and all of us need to be in prayer for his family.

Dear God,
every time we think we get close to understanding the ways of the world,
something tragedy breaks in and we realize how little we know.
We frankly don’t understand why Harold had to die.
It makes little sense, for here was a man given to your service,
a strong man who seemed so full of life.
Now he’s gone, and no matter how hard we try, our brains fail to comprehend.

We can’t understand what we no longer have,
so the best we can do is thank you for what you have given us to this point.
We thank you for a guy who combined great strength with a gentle spirit,
a man who loved kids and was willing to give time and energy to their care.
We thank you for one who remained rooted in the community of his raising,
one who wasn’t willing to give up hope in a place where other want to run away.
We thank you for a life well lived.

God, we don’t want to give him up, but we have confidence that he has found life beyond this world,
a life with you in which there is no more pain, tears, and sorrow.

God, be with his family. Comfort their hearts. Help them to feel loved. Give them grace.

Take this horrific situation and redeem it into something beyond what we can imagine.

We ask in the name of our redeemer, the one who dances on the grave and gives new life,
the Christ.


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