A Last Minute Pitch

Next Friday, the girls and I will load up the car (and probably a small trailer given the stuff we need to take) and head down I-40 to the mecca of Southern United Methodism at Lake Junaluska. Lake Junaluska is a great place and our family has come to love it, but the main reason we endure 6 hours in a Corolla is the program we are attending — Soulfeast, sponsored by the Upper Room.

I’ve talked about Soulfeast before, but I want to make a last minute pitch for those who you who can to be spontaneous and think about coming, even though it is a last minute decision. I recognize that it isn’t exactly the cheapest event in the world (something that is determined more by the housing requirements than the program fee) but I continue to be excited about the possibilities this year as we are led in the morning Bible Study by Phyllis Tickle, and experience preaching in the evenings from Juanita Rasmus, Jay Haas, Bishop Hee Soo Jung, and Jay Williams. Music will be led by the SoulFeast band, including yours truly, Ariel Merivel from Atlanta First UMC, Dean Miller, Beth Richardson, and Jeff Miller. There will be some great workshops, including teaching from Rudy Rasmus, Tom Albin, Wil Hernandez, and I will be leading a “roll your own” workshop where we will talk about pretty much anything the group wants to talk about.

One of the great features of this event is that it involves the entire family, with an effervescent children’s program led by Ingrid McIntyre and a great youth program led by Lanecia Rouse. There is also lots of time for play and recreation, and a valuing on Sabbath that is often missing from other events.

As part of the worship design team, I’m excited about the worship services, believing that we are offering something that is creative and outside the norm.

In all honesty, attendance is off this year, probably due to financial considerations, but if you can figure out a way to come, we’re gonna have a great time.

One thought on “A Last Minute Pitch

  1. Add tents, fans, food and fellowship and I hear the makings of a old fashioned campmeeting here.

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