Tomorrow’s Order of Worship for prime::

prime:: is our contemporary/comtemplative service at AUMC, which we hold every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. Frankly we would probably be better served holding this service at a different time, but we have a faithful crew of 10 to 20 that show up every Sunday, and so far we haven’t had a clear call to move to another day or time. 

Many contemporary services utilize video/Powerpoint every Sunday, eschewing the old fashioned printed bulletin. However, we don’t have an permanently installed system and haven’t really had a crew to handle this, so I went back to a printed worship guide which has worked well for us. For most of the past five years, we have generally printed the order of worship and liturgy on the front, and the song lyrics on the back, but about three or four weeks ago I began playing with inserting the worship songs in a broader liturgy in which we share in the week’s Psalm together. We like the feel of interspersing the music with liturgy, and I think this will become a permanent feature of our worship. 

Anyway, feel free to check out the order of worship after the jump via Scribd.

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