Uh . . . Never Mind

iStock_000003195440Small A couple of days ago I got this great idea. I was nearing the end of a subscription term on WordPress.com, and I decided I was going to migrate this site and the TechnoPastor site to a new hosted site using drupal to handle both blogs. The goal was to simplify my life, moving away from have two sites to combining everything in a single site. Honestly, I also chafed at the limitations of the WordPress.com service and wanted the chance to have a bit more flexibility in what I display on the front page.

I spent way too much over the past couple of days trying to carry out this task, running into all sorts of problems along the way. I some five years of content in this site and the TechnoPastor site, and migrating it to both drupal and wordpress shared hosting environments became much more difficult than I expected. Ultimately I realized that I wasn’t going to gain a great deal and that the design and rebuild was going to take time away from other projects, so I decided to stick with WordPress.com and retool this site a bit. Those of you who actually come to the site will notice a new look. I have organized my categories and imported all of the content from the TechnoPastor site here.

So, look forward in the next couple of days to some new writing, as I feel the juices coming on.

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