The Music of My Twenties

With the end of the Reagonomics at hand (something I’ve been predicting for a while), I’ve found myself being nostalgic for 1980’s, MTV High Rotation pop music, especially the LA based bands which were made up of session musicians who would do a great album or two but then fall apart as egos clashed and the band members tired of life on the road. Of course it was the era of the Yamaha DX-7 and other keyboards, the post grunge height slightly overproduced music that had a melody, was well performed, and showed a bit of musicianship. Fluff? Maybe, but it had its value and it still entertains me.

The choice of the day comes from a two hit wonder band with great musicians who I wish actually had stayed together. The fact is that their followup album to their hit “Welcome to the Real World” was perhaps the best of the bunch, but it never moved a lot of product, probably because the songs were lyrically philosophical and even religious at times.

So without further adeiu, enjoy this classic clip from Mr. Mister:

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