Another Great Found Resource


A couple of years ago, I became aware of an “alternative” youth worker’s gathering focused on ministry in urban areas. I had been familiar with Youth Specialties and the National Youth Worker’s Convention (attending several times) but the Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) was new to me, and I’ve tried to figure out a way to justify my attending the event but haven’t been able to do so yet.

This morning I was wandering through the web when I came upon the UYWI web site. I discovered that they have posted mp3’s of many of the workshops offered at their event, including Shane Claiborne talking about “Jesus For President.” I ended up downloading about 12 different workshops, for there are some excellent topics offered by some interesting leaders.

Click here to visit their resources page and see if there are things that resonate with you.

One thought on “Another Great Found Resource

  1. I really like this website, especially the stuff on counseling and after school programs.

    The only thing I wasn’t big on was the audio-only. It was hard to stay focused/interested past the introduction on lots of the talks. Good information, though, so I stuck it out 😀

    Thanks for the link!

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