The Culture War is Back

Watching the GOP in the storm they’ve created, I’ve come to a sad conclusion – the culture war is back, even angrier and more brutal than ever. Listening to Rudy spew sarcasm and disdain last night, talking about cosmopolitan values about a man raised by a single mom in Kansas, following the air war & ground war that has stirred up in this last week, it is clear that the words of Mark Twain are so true here:

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

The Corner: The Culture War is Back – and We Are The Casualities.

Bob voices some of what I’ve been feeling this week. Check this out.

3 thoughts on “The Culture War is Back

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping that we might have moved beyond the culture wars that are driving a wedge between us for the sake of political gain, but I guess that is just a pipe dream.

  2. Not only the “Culture War” is back, but the GOP attempt to have the corner on Patriotism and, (heaven help us) the rearing of the ugly head of the politics of “Fear”.
    How can dialogues and feelings remain civil and receptive when the heat generated from this type of political climate is intolerable.

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