Jott grows up

I have talked about Jott in the past and have shared how I use it in my ministry. This morning I received an e-mail informing me that they are out of Beta, which means that they are transitioning from a free service to an advertiser/subscription service.

It was bound to happen, and given the usefulness of this product, very much justified. The pricing plans don’t seem to bad — $3.95 per month (which has most of the functionality the free service) and $12.95 per month for a pro version. There is a “basic” version that is ad supported, but it loses some of the most important functions, so I will likely move to the $3.95 a month service.

One addition that looks interesting (I haven’t tried it yet) is the ability to jott appointments, tasks, and email drafts from your cell phone to Outlook. I continue to be an Outlook user, primarily because of the more universal synching options with that product, and the ability to enter items via cell phone is very interesting to me. I am certain I will be checking that out in the days to come, so be looking for a review.


One thought on “Jott grows up

  1. I am not happy about Jott charging a monthly (or pay as you go) fee. I told so many people about Jott…how great it is, how useful, how free. Well, I am gone, and will take 5 customers with me.

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