Using Jott As a Ministry Tool

I have written about Jott before, but I am finding it to be a great tool for those of us in ministry who are constantly on the move. Here are a few suggestions about this service that marries the ease of the cell phone with the convenience of e-mail.

  1. Use Jott as a mileage log
    I confess that I really struggle with keeping up with my mileage for tax purposes and reimbursement. In fact, I’ve considered it enough of a hassle that I have generally just avoided keeping logs altogether and ignoring the mileage deduction. In the days of $4 gasoline, that makes no sense, and I have discovered a tool that gets pens and logs out of my car and makes it easier for me to do mileage on the run.

    What I do is to Jott myself (calling a special number on my cell phone and leaving a message to myself which is then transcribed and sent to my e-mail) a message with the starting mileage when I head out on some church related trip and then Jott myself again with the ending mileage when I am done. I then use these two e-mails as reminders to enter the data in a Google spreadsheet that has my mileage for the year.

  2. Jott as a pastoral care tool
    More and more I find myself going out on visits with only my phone in my pocket. After all, I have the NIV Bible stored in the phone (a Blackberry Pearl) as well as my calendar. What else do I need?

    However, when I get to the hospital I often find myself wishing that I had a notepad to write down room numbers and post-visit notes. What I do instead now is to use Jott, sending myself messages with this information that I can access later. The folks at Jott do a pretty good job of transcribing my stuff, and they really appreciate it when I spell out difficult words.

  3. Keeping Up With Good Ideas
    Okay, I know that I am getting older and my brain cells are shot, but the fact is that I will be driving along the road when suddenly some idea for the sermon begins to form and I can’t really pull over to write it down. Simply whip out the cell phone and call Jott. I find that I am especially using Jott to remind me of tasks that pop into my mind and would quickly pop out if I weren’t diligent in logging them.

So, do you use Jott and if so, how are you using it to help your ministry?

One thought on “Using Jott As a Ministry Tool

  1. thanks to your advice, I’ve started using jott. Here are two things I’ve done:

    When I see a book in a book store I want to remeber, or after someone mentions a book to me, I will jott myself a message.

    When I’m out and about and remember something I’ve forgotten, a call to make, e-mail to send, etc. I’ll use jott.

    I like the mileage idea and have tried that a few times, its pretty slick especially if you do set up a google spreadsheet.

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