Finding Our Way From House to House

I confess that for all of my technological sophistication, I have still not entered into the age of the GPS. However, as I have been thinking about the task of visiting and being on the go (not unlike the old circuit riders, but in a beat-up minivan) I have been mulling over getting a GPS unit to keep in the car.

So, TechnoPastor readers (all three of you) do you have a GPS? What unit to you use? What do you like? What do you wish you had? Why don’t you chime in with your opinions on the best use of GPS for pastoral types.

Picture courtesy of Jimmy_Joe via Flickr

3 thoughts on “Finding Our Way From House to House

  1. Since I am now appointed to a rural congregation, I wonder if a GPS would be helpful or not… specifically, how detailed (and accurate) are the maps when you venture off onto some of the county roads here on the GA/AL/TN border.

  2. I have a Garmin GPS. It’s the cheaper model, a 200w I think, but it’s great. Every now and then I run across a road that’s not on it and it want’s to reroute me somewhere else, but that is rare.

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