Tomorrow Is Download Day

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 17, will be the day that the new release of Mozilla’s Firefox 3 browser is released. The folks at Mozilla are hoping that they will set a record for the most downloads in a day, and I want to encourage all to think seriously about downloading the new edition of Firefox.

Some of you may still be using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Certainly, the most recent version (IE7) is significantly more secure that the old versions, which was the main reason for changing in past years. At the same time, IE continues to integrate Active X into the browser, leaving your computer open to malware attacks via the web. In many ways, Internet Explorer is too smart for it’s own good, which means that there are more ways for hackers to attack it.

However my reason for using Firefox comes down to several things. First, Firefox, especially the new version 3 (which I have been using in beta for several months) maintains a smaller memory footprint, which means that it runs faster and crashed less than IE. Secondly, the extensibility of Firefox due to the addon system is endless, allowing one to customize the browser to meet one’s needs. And, because it generally is simpler than IE, it tends to be more secure.

I encourage you to give it a chance and download it tomorrow.

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