A Plug for SoulFeast

Next month, Kay and the girls and I will load up the car and head six hours south to the Mecca of southeastern Methodism, Lake Junaluska, for our annual pilgrimage to the SoulFeast Conference, sponsored by the Upper Room. We started attending SoulFeast several years ago when we were short on funds and needed to find a way to combine vacation with a professional growth experience (so that we could use our expense accounts). What we discovered was a community and a conference that was indeed a feast for our souls. Not only did we get the opportunity to head to the mountains, but all of our spirits were lifted by our participation in the event.

This year Kay and I will both be leading workshops at SoulFeast while our kids will be participating in the youth and children’s programs. Kay will be doing a workshop she has done other places titled Spiritual Cut and Paste in which she leads persons through an artistic means of mediation and finding God in the midst of our lives. I, being stuck in my head, will be leading a conversation titled The Informational/Formational Paradox is which I will be looking at holding in tension both informational and formational ways of making disciples, thinking about how each participates in a networked world.

The keynote speakers this year are Rudy Rasmus, pastor of St. John’s UMC in Houston, and Marjorie Thompson, author and spiritual director from the Upper Room. Worship will be lead again this year by Marcia McFee, who most recently led worship at the 2008 General Conference in Houston.

This is a great and underutilized event in the life of the kingdom and I want to make a special plug for you to consider attending this year. I am sure that there is still space available and I know that you will find your life blessed by this great event.

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