Reflections from Galilee

Today was another great day here on the Sea of Galilee. Here are a couple of random thoughts about the trip so far:

1) The best places for me so far are the chances we have gotten to get away from the touristy “sacred” sites and out into the real world. Today we got to wander through a kibbutz with our guide so that she could drop off something to her son who attended the kindergarten in that place. It put us in contact with the reality of life in this place, both good and bad. Later she took us to a roadside falafel stand and market that was great. While we never fully shed the pilgrim/tourist identity, being in more normal places helps me to feel more normal as well.

2) Most of the sacred sites are less than sacred due to the simple fact that most visitors to these places are trying to “do the holy lands” in 8 days or less. Thus, they rush in, pushing others out of their way so that they can keep on schedule, and do their thing so that they can move on to the next site. I have come to feel sorry for those who are on these trips, and feel extremely gifted that I am on one with much more space and time.

I have to run to small group meeting, so I will have to write later.

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