Sitting on the Patio

I’m sitting on the patio here at Pilgerhaus watching the wild parrots fly by, listening to the wind blow off the Sea of Galilee, and trying to tune out the theological argument at the next table. The winds are strong this afternoon, which feels great but I could imagine are a bit fearful when you are out on the water.

Today we hiked up the Arbel Cliffs above Tiberias for a panoramic view of the entire region. It was hard on the knees, but a wonderful way to be introduced to the region.

We then went to the church at Tagbha, a German Benedictine church built on the foundations of a Byzantine era church which is located at the traditional site of the sharing of the loaves and fishes. While there were ancient mosaics, it is actually very simple setting focused around a large rock and a mosaic of two fishes. It was a nice place to visit, but the tour groups descended upon the place and we were quickly overrun.

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